pixeljaguar 2.0: Route HTTP/2, powered by WordPress 5.6 PHP8, Twenty-One dark mode custom


Hi! Today. Website of studio pixeljaguar evolves versioning 2.0. World Premiere, on host web server deployment of PHP8, WordPress 5.6 (before official release next week), and update an absolute Dark Mode on all-new Twenty Twenty-One. Let’s go!

2021 design features under the hood!

The new theme ‘Twenty Twenty-One’ uses a system font stack.

Native fonts are already supported by the majority of operating systems and do not require additional loading time.

CSS custom properties (also known as CSS variables) are special entities containing specific values that can be reused anywhere in style sheet ‘style .css’ of folder Twenty Twenty-One :root ‘n it’s works!

Fact: Typography may not seem like a crucial design element, but it is. Typographic is (web) design stuff

Visitors to the site can activate or deactivate ‘Dark Mode’ it according to their personal preferences and independently of their operating system or browser settings.

Under the hood, Dark mode preferences are stored in Local Storage in web browser. This specific Dark Mode allows OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen to save battery thanks absolute stark black background.

Out of the box, it a website cookie-less from scratch.

Web Perf by design

About Web Performance, it works less than 1 second!

Scripts, style sheets, pictures and all items from website download it on web browser in 600 ms !!!